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It’s good to have experiences. It’s even better to share them. That’s why we facilitate the professional development and networking of everyone – individuals and practitioners alike – involved in educational and careers guidance. In particular, we do this through Cross Border seminars, international networking conferences and further events.

Cross Border seminars

Working with the Euroguidance centres in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia, each year we organize a Cross Border seminar of several days duration for educational and career guidance practitioners. The sharing of experiences about a subject related directly to the work of guidance practitioners is the focus of these international seminars. After the seminars, the seminar leaders prepare and publish an in-depth analysis of the situation in the various countries and the outcomes of the workshops.

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International networking conference

International networking conferences are designed to bring together guidance practitioners from around 30 countries, with the aim of enhancing their knowledge of a particular subject and providing a networking opportunity. The first international networking convention in Switzerland took place on September 14th 2012, in Zurich. In addition to keynote speeches by experts and the opportunity to exchange experiences, there were six workshops offering insights into project examples and case studies.

European events

Are you looking for a partner institution, or would you like to attend an event at which you can get to know your European counterparts, with a view to future collaboration? This is where you'll find the latest events being held within Europe.

Who can participate?
Anyone working in study and careers advice in Switzerland can apply to take part. The condition is that you belong to the event's target group, and that there are sufficient free places for participants from Switzerland. The ch Foundation will pay a share of the costs (travel, accommodation, course costs and meals).

How can I sign up?
You are responsible for contacting the organiser direct to sign up. You can apply for a grant to take part in a European training event by completing a Grundtvig application for visits and exchanges. Please be sure to apply early.

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