Leonardo da Vinci.

Transitional solution for Erasmus+ in 2015

On 19 September 2014, the Federal Council decided to continue the transitional solution for the Erasmus+ EU education programme, originally put in place for 2014 for the next two years. The transitional solution for 2015 is currently being drafted.

We will post further information for you as soon as it is possible to submit applications for mobility projects and partnerships/cooperations.

Media release: Transitional solution for Erasmus+ to continue (DE/FR/IT)

If you are interested in the Leonardo da Vinci programme, please get in touch with us at:
leonardo@chstiftung.ch, 032 346 18 00.

The European programme for vocational education and training:
realising projects with foreign partners

Leonardo da Vinci, the European programme for vocational education and training, enables institutions and organisations to organise mobility and cooperation projects, and thus work together with partners from across Europe.



in vocational education and training


in vocational education and training

Why choose a Leonardo da Vinci project?

Leonardo da Vinci supports the following:

  • the development of mobility in vocational education and training, for employers and individuals alike
  • stronger networking and more intensive cooperation between vocational colleges, associations, companies, union and employer representatives, and other vocational education and training institutions in Europe
  • greater transparency and recognition of qualifications and skills

Who can submit a project application?

Applications can be submitted by vocational education and training institutions, organisations from the private sector, NGO’s, associations, etc. that want to undertake a European project are allowed to submit a proposal, as long as the project falls within the domain of vocational education. While the mobility projects are aimed primarily at trainees and VET staff, partnership projects cover partnerships and innovation transfer in collaboration with European partner organisations.

What are the application deadlines for Leonardo da Vinci projects?

  • Mobility projects: 17 March 2014
  • Cooperations/partnerships: 15 August 2014

How long do Leonardo da Vinci projects run for and what do they cover?

Mobility projects run for one to two years, while cooperation projects last two or three years. Institutions can organise mobility projects or undertake partnership projects together with partners from other European countries, exchanging information on certain topics, developing products, or transferring know-how.

What support do institutions receive?

The ch Foundation offers institutions financial support and services to enable them to carry out mobility and partnership projects. Additional funding can be applied for in the case of projects that integrate people with special needs. Please contact the Leonardo da Vinci programme team: leonardo@chstiftung.ch, +41 32 346 18 18.

Where can institutions get help in submitting and realising a project?

The Leonardo da Vinci programme team can support you in all project phases, from advice through to the execution and conclusion of your project.