Youth in Action.

Projects under the Youth in Action programme.

Youth in Action is the European programme for young people, young adults up to the age of 30, youth organisations and people active in youth work. Youth in Action promotes non-formal education and exchanges in and with Europe. The programme supports organisations and institutions that implement projects for and with young people or youth workers, providing advice, training and financial assistance.

The story of a youth organisation carrying out a project with Youth in Action. The video shows how an applicant successfully tackles the difficulties in submitting the application (in French).

Youth in Action made a lip dub with youth organisations to a cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, highlighting the importance of non-formal education.


in the youth sector


in the youth sector

Policy support

in the youth sector



How does an idea or plan become a Youth in Action project?

We offer advice tailored to specific target groups on questions ranging from project planning through to submitting an application, and ultimately realising and evaluating the project. The Youth in Action programme team will be happy to help you with your questions and – if needed – will gladly assist you in developing your project from the very beginning.starting from the initial planning phase.

Contact and information, +41 32 346 18 00


Where do I get started?

In addition to project financing, Youth in Action offers a European network of resource centres, as well as training opportunities for everyone active in youth work or volunteering with a youth organisation. On the online platform you will find a wide range of training and networking opportunities, partner-finding tools, and useful information on Youth in Action’s European network.


What projects are possible with Youth in Action?

The Youth in Action programme implements the following key actions:

To increase the chances of your project application being approved, it’s worthwhile getting in touch with the Youth in Action programme team in the initial planning stages – and checking which action your planned project fits in with.


What are the deadlines for Youth in Action projects?

  • Mobility: 04.02.2015, 30.04.2015, 01.10.2015
  • Cooperation: 04.02.2015, 30.04.2015, 01.10.2015
  • Policy support: 04.02.2015, 30.04.2015, 01.10.2015


What is Youth in Action about?

  • Using non-formal learning methods and developing new competences
  • Intercultural exchanges across borders
  • Promoting solidarity and tolerance in and around Europe
  • Promoting active citizenship among young people, fostering their commitment and sense of responsibility

Projects with Youth in Action contribute to strengthening the European network in the youth sector. Active participation and learning new skills improve the future prospects of young people in Switzerland and in Europe.