Transitional solution for Erasmus+ 2015.

At EU level, Switzerland holds third-country status in the 2015 round of proposals. The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) and the ch Foundation for Federal Cooperation have drawn up a transitional solution for Erasmus+ in 2015 for Switzerland.

Transitional solution for Erasmus+ in 2015

On 19 September 2014, the Federal Council decided to continue the transitional solution for the Erasmus+ EU education programme, originally put in place for 2014 for the next two years. The transitional solution for 2015 is currently being drafted.

We will post further information for you as soon as it is possible to submit applications for mobility projects and partnerships/cooperations.

Media release: Transitional solution for Erasmus+ to continue (DE/FR/IT)

If you are interested in our programmes, please get in touch with us at:, 032 346 18 00.

The following projects are eligible for support:

1.    Mobility projects
One to two-year projects allowing for any number of participants (incoming). Applications for mobility projects can now only be submitted for the Youth in Action programme.
Application deadlines for Youth in Action

2.    Cooperation / partnerships

  • If the Swiss partner is mentioned in the project proposal
    These projects were submitted by 30 April 2014 to a non-Swiss national agency. The involvement of the Swiss partner is based on the special conditions and is financed by means of EU programme funds. It is not possible to receive additional funding from the Confederation.

  • If the Swiss partner is NOT mentioned in the project proposal
    Swiss institutions can take part in projects that have been submitted abroad and which have successfully passed the evaluation by the competent non-Swiss national agency or the EACEA in Brussels. Applications were to be submitted to the ch Foundation online by 15 August 2014.
    Further information

3.    Centralised actions and sport
Applications for centralised actions and in the field of sport must be submitted to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels by the project coordinator abroad. Swiss institutions wishing to participate in projects that have already been submitted to the EACEA could submit their application to the ch Foundation until 15 August 2014.
Further information

If you have any questions on centralised actions and in the field of sport, please contact:
Florence Balthasar (European Advisor), SwissCore, Bruxelles
Tel. +32 549 09 80

Transitional solution 2014 project types

Funding for the types of action marked in red can still be applied for in 2014.

(Key Action 1)
(Key Action 2)
Support for policy reform
(Key Action 3)
  Decentralised actions Decentralised actions Centralised actions Centralised actions
Higher education institutions Mobility (staff and students)Strategic partnershipsKnowledge AlliancesProspective initiatives – European policy experimentation
Vocational education and training Mobility (staff and trainees)Strategic partnershipsSector Skills AlliancesProspective initiatives – European policy experimentation
Schools Mobility (staff)Strategic partnerships Prospective initiatives – European policy experimentation
Youth in Action Mobility (youth workers/young people)Strategic partnershipsCapacity building in the youth field

Centralised actions
Prospective initiatives – European policy experimentation
Decentralised actions
Support for policy reform

Adult education Mobility (staff)Strategic partnerships Prospective initiatives – European policy experimentation

Call for proposals 2014


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The community for schools in Europe

Leonardo da Vinci

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The European programme for adult education

Youth in Action

The European programme for young people


The European programme for the promotion of cooperation and transparency


The European programme for educational and careers guidance practitioners


The information service for young people who want to gain experience in Europe.


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Language Label

The European award for language projects at schools.