Transitional solution 2015 for higher education.

Transitional solution for Erasmus+ in 2015

On 19 September 2014, the Federal Council decided to continue the transitional solution for the Erasmus+ EU education programme, originally put in place for 2014 for the next two years. The transitional solution for 2015 is currently being drafted.

We will post further information for you as soon as it is possible to submit applications for mobility projects and partnerships/cooperations.

Media release: Transitional solution for Erasmus+ to continue (DE/FR/IT)

If you are interested in the Erasmus programme, please get in touch with us at:, 032 346 18 00.

The transitional solution 2015 promotes mobility projects (outgoing and incoming) between Switzerland and the Erasmus+ programme countries.

Universität, Holland

University, the Netherlands

What does the transitional solution 2015 enable?

  • The transitional solution enables students and teaching and administrative staff of higher education institutions to undertake mobilities in Europe.
  • Higher education institutions can participate in cooperation projects with organisations active in the higher education sector.

Which are Erasmus+ programme countries?

  • 28 EU Member States
  • Member states of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA): Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
  • EU accession candidates: Turkey and FYROM

List of institutions with the Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education

Special needs

Additional funding can be applied for in the case of projects that integrate people with special needs.
Further information:, 032 346 18 18.