Transitional solution 2015 for Higher Education.

The transitional solution enables students as well as teaching and administrative staff of higher education institutions to undertake mobilities in Europe. Higher education institutions can also participate in cooperation projects.

All recognised or accredited Swiss Higher Education Institutions and Professional Colleges, who comply with the quality criteria of the Erasmus Charter of Higher Education. Institutions that have not been awarded a Charter for Higher Education during LLP can apply for a certificate of quality for the Transitory solution. Please find the application form on the mobility website.   

The transitory solution is based on the European programme Erasmus+.


Funding for incoming mobility

In the framework of the transitional solution incoming mobility of both students and staff from Erasmus+ programme countries to Switzerland will also be funded.


Erasmus+ programme countries

Special needs

Additional funding can be applied for in the case of projects that integrate people with special needs.

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Further information:, +41 32 346 18 00.